Keep Warm And Stay Eco-Friendly With Reusable Hand Warmers

As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, people are searching for ways to keep cozy and warm, even when outdoors. In this article, you’ll find reusable hand warmers that won’t hurt the planet. 

Reusable hand warmers are a popular choice here. If you invest in a product like this, you will have a way to keep your hands toasty when outdoors. 

These can be stored in your pocket, a backpack, they could be held in your hands or they could be kept in an item of your clothing. 

The products work in a variety of ways depending on the option you choose. Some products create a chemical reaction, while others are designed to ignite a particular material in order to generate heat.

You might be wondering whether these products are eco friendly. Well, that’s what we’re going to answer today.

In this article, you’ll find reusable hand warmers that won’t hurt the planet. 

DIY Solutions

Instead of buying reusable hand warmers, you could consider creating them yourself, and there are a few ways to do this. 

One option that you can consider is a rice pillow. To create these, you simply need to stitch a small pillow out of an eco friendly material, and then fill it with rice. 

Rice Hand Warmers
DIY Rice Hand Warmers (via Etsy)

Once you have done this, sew the pillow up to keep the rice inside. Since they are small, these little hand warmer pillows can be created in less than fifteen minutes. 

To use them, you’ll need to heat them in a microwave for less than a minute. You can then add your DIY hand warmer to your jacket for a temporary solution. 

This could be great for everyday use. You can choose a variety of materials to fill the material as well including flax seeds or sand. You can also add different materials including lavender to ensure they provide a delightful scent too. 

Bought Reusable Hand Warmers And Reusable Heat Pads

The first question you should ask when purchasing hand warmers is whether they contain harmful materials and substances. 

After all, it is worth questioning what chemicals create the reaction that triggers the heat. The answer is that most major brands use non-toxic materials. 

Examples include HeatMax, Grabber Heat Treat and Coleman. Typically, they work by a chemical reaction known as exothermic oxidation which will generate the heat we’re used to – this is also known as rust. 

To do this, powdered iron is exposed to oxygen. So, while not consumable, the natural materials used are also not harmful. 

However, that doesn’t mean they are always eco friendly.

Many hand warmers are disposable. As such, these individually wrapped products can lead to a lot of waste in the long term, which is why we like to encourage people to go the DIY route.

The Solution 

Some people prefer to avoid hand warmers altogether. Instead, many opt to carry a metal thermos with hot liquid inside. This isn’t a particularly practical solution and there is an alternative. 

You need to consider reusable hand warmers. Reusable heat pads and hand warmers work differently than the disposable variety. 

They generate heat through a supersaturated solution proceeding through an exothermic crystallization reaction, and these include a metal device that you can recharge in boiling water. 

You can also get hand warmers that use lighter fuel for the same results, and then you have battery operated hand warmers. For instance, for tech lovers, the Nu Warm is a fantastic choice. You can recharge this one with your mobile phone. 

As for the hand warmer modeled from a lighter, Zippo provides a high-quality product that is a well-reviewed product on the market. 

There are even hand warmers that use charcoal tubes to create the heat impact. However, these are a little more exposed and can cause issues. 

When choosing which hand warmer suits best – you should also think about what you are using your hand warmers for. 

Different Hand Warmers For Individual Requirements 

For everyday use, the sewn DIY hand warmers will work well. A few seconds in the microwave and you can slip them into your pocket. You’ll then be able to use these when defrosting the car or keeping your hands warm while walking the kids to school. 

If you’re heading into the great outdoors, you might want to consider another option that provides heat for longer. 

For instance, you might be skiing, and unfortunately, a lot of the hand warmers that are recommended for skiing are single-use. This means that they will not provide the eco-benefits that you want. 

However, there are reusable hand warmers for skiing on the market. This includes HotSnapZ products. As well as being reusable, a pack of these comes with a lifetime warranty. They will only provide around thirty to sixty minutes of warmth though which may not be enough for longer periods on the slopes. Particularly, when you need to expose them to hot water to get them to work. 

If you are hill walking, you’re definitely going to need a hand warmer that lasts longer than this. That’s why you might want to consider purchasing a rechargeable item. 

An example would be the EnergyFlux Ellipse Rechargeable Hand Warmer. This provides six hours of heat and you can choose between two different heat settings.

It’s also powerful enough to make it feel like you’re holding a warm cup of coffee. As an additional benefit, you can use the item to charge your phone or your camera! Whilst it is expensive, this hand warmer is made from metal and will last you years without needing a replacement. 

There are even reusable hand warmers that fit over your hands like gloves. This is ideal if you’re completing an activity like cycling where you need your hands free. The Heart 3 Special Force product is a great example of this. 

While not cheap, they will serve you well in snowy conditions and keep the chill off your fingers. 


As you can see, there are a variety of great options if you are looking for reusable hand warmers. You just need to make sure that you are not purchasing single-use products. The materials used inside hand warmers are perfectly safe and natural so they are not going to damage the environment. 

However, throwing away the items themselves will lead to a large waste build-up that you definitely want to avoid!

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